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Marieke "Riki" Radon

Riki's Rescue Canine Consulting & Training offers in-home training foundations and expectation management to improve your new dog's transition into your home. 

Marieke has over five years of experience working with rescue dogs built while she completed her undergraduate degree in Recreational Therapy and masters degree in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of Waterloo. She works with people to build the healthiest relationship with their pets built on respect, clear communication and a balanced training approach. 

Marieke is the Volunteer & Fundraising Coordinator for Taffy's Legacy Canine Rescue & Rehabilitation, has fostered over 30 dogs with Taffy's since 2016, and done countless short term training boards. She is involved in intakes, behavioural assessments and training, and mentoring for foster homes. She owns two rescue dogs of her own which help her with her assessments, Molson and Rexxar! 


Want to experience the expertise of Riki's Rescue Canine Consulting & Training for yourself? Give Marieke a call today and discuss what she can do for you and your pet!

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