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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

All of our consultations are in-home at your home where your dog is most comfortable using tools you have available, or that can be easily introduced. 
We service the Region of Waterloo, and can travel for consultations with an added travel fee.

How can I pay for your services?

We accept cash, cheque, or e-transfer prior to services.

What kind of behaviours do you work with?

We specialize on a smooth transition into your new home, proper introductions to family members, and setting up training foundations for your new family member. Marieke also has experience with:

- Teaching basic obedience
- House-training

- Loose-leash walking 

- Crate training

- Anxiety
- Nervous dogs / teaching confidence

- Leash reactivity

- Proper dog-dog introductions

- Introducing children to new dogs
- Stranger danger
- Teaching calmness

- Muzzle conditioning

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