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Grab Tab

Grab Tabs, or Traffic Handles, are a great little tool for when you don't need a leash dragging but want something to grab quickly and have your pup next to you in a pinch! Grab tabs are perfect for off leash activities that need to be on leash at some points, or even for indoor training! 
I didn't think much of this tool before making one for my foster dogs, who sometimes require a leash dragging in the house for quick control - I use it with new foster dogs who have graduated from the leash, and as a handle for my long-line with a D ring! I am a neat freak and hate touching a dirty handle!  



Choose your colour(s)


If you are choosing two-tone, decide whether you want to do contrasting colours, different shades of a similar colour, or a natural/neutral accent colour!


Choose your width

3/4 inch - $15
1 inch -$20


Biothane has a 1000lb break strength per inch!

Please email if inquiring about thicker widths.


Grab Tabs come as an 18 inch (round) handle. 


Please email to inquire about custom 


+ $5 for two tone

+ $5 for braiding



Email us your orders!

Please be as detailed as possible - send pictures if you need to be more specific!

Please ask any questions you would like! We love talking about dogs, training + gear!

Payment can be sent via e-transfer or cash.

Orders can be picked up via Curbside Pickup, or we can provide a shipping quote!

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