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Martingale Collar

Martingale Collars are a great light training tool that adds pressure if tension is applied to the leash, and releases pressure as tension releases. Martingale collars are a one-size fit, but can be made adjustable if a buckle is added. They are very strong and are unlikely to break during play or if sudden tension is added. I love martingale collars and always use them with foster dogs, especially because we do not have a fenced yard and use a tie-out - the last thing we want is a foster dog slipping their collar and running around without identification!   



Choose your colour(s)


If you are choosing two-tone, decide whether you want to do contrasting colours, different shades of a similar colour, or a natural/neutral accent colour!


Choose your width
1/2 inch - $20

3/4 inch - $25
1 inch -$30


Biothane has a 1000lb break strength per inch!

Please email if inquiring about thicker widths.


Measure at the base of your dogs neck (just under the ears), and measure the widest point of their head - take your cloth and slip it over a few times if neccessary!

If you do not have a cloth measure, use an existing collar or piece of fabric and lay it flat beside a measuring tape. 


It is important to be accurate in your measurements, as you do not want a collar that is too loose that your pup can slip out of! 


+ $5 for two tone

+ $5 for braiding



Email us your orders!

Please be as detailed as possible - send pictures if you need to be more specific!

Please ask any questions you would like! We love talking about dogs, training + gear!

Payment can be sent via e-transfer or cash.

Orders can be picked up via Curbside Pickup, or we can provide a shipping quote!

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